zt-photo02.pngMarketing Specialists are well aware that a promotional and advertising campaign is the most important tool for promoting a company on the market today. They also know that trade events are an essential element in advertising. It is important, however, to prepare for them very well, not only in creating a good commercial offer but in showing the brand image in an appropriate way. The construction of the stand plays an immeasurably large role in the trade show process. A well designed and constructed of an exhibition stand corresponds to the appropriate display of the company's offer and enables the company to present itself to potential clients in the proper manner.

We are pleased to present to you our offer with regard to exhibitions and the organization of trade shows. We provide comprehensive services with regard to the design, construction and technical service of exhibition stands and interior design for permanent spaces throughout the country and overseas. Our experience of the exhibition marketing industry allows us to provide these types of services at the highest level, commencing with the design and visualization to the construction and equipping of the stand.

Our capable designers and constructors make every effort to meet the requirements of the clients. The take care so that the exhibition stands built by us are characterised by originality, high standards and excellent finish quality. We are well aware that the trade stand is an integral element of any serious company, so we attempt to assist in the construction of a professional image. In order to fulfil the expectations of our clients, we offer creative solutions with the use of various materials and a broad spectrum of capabilities. In building exhibition stands, we strive for them to be functional and also unique. We understand that, in the trade show industry, time and attractiveness play an essential role, and in light of this we place an emphasis on the promptness and expertise of our team.


  • designs and projections, taking into account individual needs and wishes including 3D projections
  • typical, multi-level stands, unusual construction stands
  • exterior stands – pavilions, booths
  • constructions using different options:
    • octanom standard system
    • octanom maxima light system
    • octanom maxima system
    • panel system
    • trilock system
    • quadro system
    • MDF, HDF boards (painted or varnished) wood, glass, plexi etc.


  • full support during exhibitions and mass events
  • equipment:
    • furniture
    • audio visual equipment and appliances
    • lighting
    • graphics (3D foil, prints, illuminated pylons)
    • decorative elements
    • catering, hostesses (on request)
    • large format prints


  • the best quality service
  • high standard constructions
  • original designs, taking into account the needs of the customer
  • professional approach to each client
  • attractive and functional features
  • prompt completion
  • equipment that is easy to use and transport and yet is unique
  • technical supervision during operation



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05-830 Nadarzyn


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