We are pleased to present our sArtexpo CNCervices for the treatment of materials by a CNC milling machine. We offer a wide range of joinery services ranging from preliminary treatment formatted elements from laminated and veneered chipboard. With the use of a CNC machining centre, we cut and mill furniture fronts and kitchen tops (curvilinear cutting). We produce various types of drilling of holes, rabbets, grooves, channels and curved elements. We also provide a moulding service on a moulding machine that is both straight and curved. Our experienced and skilled carpenters shall endeavour in order to meet the expectations of customers, and that our services are of the highest quality.


  • Processing of laminated and veneered chipboard
  • Processing MDF boards
  • Drilling of nests and vents, rabbets, grooves, channels and curvilinear elements (wheels, arches etc.)
  • curvilinear cutting and milling of kitchen tops
  • cutting and milling of furniture fronts and ports for handles
  • moulding on a straight and curved moulding machine
  • And other services at the special request of the client



ul. Miedziana 4
05-830 Nadarzyn


+48 22 758 60 22
+48 22 730 10 59
+48 660 063 971

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